Monthly Archives: September 2007

Stig of the Dump and Queen of the Night

So I’m back from Staffordshire. I didn’t get to Lichfield in the end, after a six hour journey through some of the worst traffic known to man we just about had enough energy to drag ourselves to a guest house in Stafford and then to the curry house before flumping […]

Good Luck S

Today I am demonstrating the power of the mind and blogging by telepathy from Staffordshire. Not really, I am writing/wrote this yesterday in order to provide you with content whilst I am bereft of an Internet connection for the weekend. Anyway this is a short one to say Good Luck […]

Neil Gaiman Interview 3

There’s a good Neil Gaiman interview over at The Guardian. For those who are interested. I reckon there’ll be a lot more of these in the run up to the release of Stardust in the UK but I quite liked this one so I thought I’d share.

Susanna Clarke

Ok. At the theatre a bit early. Handset playing up so bear with me. Tickets just going out. ******** No phones allowed so this is it until i get in. Sorry. Really must go-being glared at. ******** Well i’m out now. Still in central london. The evening was not without […]