Monthly Archives: September 2007

Stig of the Dump and Queen of the Night

So I’m back from Staffordshire. I didn’t get to Lichfield in the end, after a six hour journey through some of the worst traffic known to man we just about had enough energy to drag ourselves to a guest house in Stafford and then to the curry house before flumping into bed. The next day […]


I’m convinced it is pretty much possible to link any post on any subject back to Neil Gaiman. This post was not meant to have anything to do with him whatsoever and was meant to be about the place I’m visiting right now. Not sure where I’m going with this? Stick with me, we’ll get […]

Good Luck S

Today I am demonstrating the power of the mind and blogging by telepathy from Staffordshire. Not really, I am writing/wrote this yesterday in order to provide you with content whilst I am bereft of an Internet connection for the weekend. Anyway this is a short one to say Good Luck to S who is on […]

Neil Gaiman Interview 3

There’s a good Neil Gaiman interview over at The Guardian. For those who are interested. I reckon there’ll be a lot more of these in the run up to the release of Stardust in the UK but I quite liked this one so I thought I’d share.

Susanna Clarke PT 2

I’m back in the house now after quite an unsuccessful attempt to liveblog; it did turn out in the end that the event was a phone no go zone which I was, truth be told, expecting. I think I knew it was going to be an interesting evening when I, smelling of wet velvet courtesy […]

Susanna Clarke

Ok. At the theatre a bit early. Handset playing up so bear with me. Tickets just going out. ******** No phones allowed so this is it until i get in. Sorry. Really must go-being glared at. ******** Well i’m out now. Still in central london. The evening was not without mishap: a fire alarm nearly […]