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The problem with top fives is that, rather like celebrations, it can be hard to stop and so today we have my Top Five Books What I Read in 2007. The year started off well with a good haul of Neal Stephenson books including The Baroque Cycle, I went through […]

2007 Top Five Books

I’m back in London. I spent most of yesterday driving, we took the opportunity to call in with some friends on the way back and we were not helped by proper Welsh rain. Now I’m quite enjoying flumping on my own sofa and not doing anything. Ergo there are no […]

More Top Fives: Short Stories

Boxing Day has its many traditions from passing presents to watching the football. For many years ours has been to see my mother’s side of the family. Each year, on rotation, we all decamp to whomever has been tagged as host for the year. Aunt J was this year’s hostess […]

The Power of Three

I’m back in Wales, back at home, and after four months – four difficult months – it really does feel great to breathe air that doesn’t leave you with snot the colour of slate. To be able to look up at the night sky and see actual stars instead of […]

The right side of the river