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Review: The Philosopher at the End of The Universe By Mark Rowlands 1

I used to have this deal. I like to keep myself well anchored outside of the world of genre by reading widely – I also enjoy variety – and so I used to read at least one non-fiction book a month. I haven’t done this in ages but for various reasons I thought I’d start […]

Friday Flash Fiction: Territory 5

As long as I’ve been doing the Friday Flash G has been asking me to write a specific type of story. On weeks where I find myself clawing for ideas the answer from her is often: do that one I want you to do…or words to that effect. And so finally I have.

This week’s story was written for G – belatedly – for the occasion of her birthday.

Feel free to provide feedback in the comments.

By Neil Beynon

Friday Flash Fiction: Pixies 9

Ok. I went slightly over. As ever please feel free to comment. Here goes: Pixies By Neil Beynon The thing looks at her looking at it. Its skin is the colour of Jane’s father’s battered and faded leather jacket, as wrinkled and crumpled as one of his shirts. Its heavy lids blink over wet black, […]