New Year, New Challenges, Same Dodgy Haircut 2

Well it’s now 2008.

2007 was a funny year. I got to travel to new places (Paris, Washington, Hong Kong, Hamburg). I got to be embarrassing in front of one of my favourite writers…several times. I spent the first year in my own house (kind of – I think technically I only own the door at the moment). And someone (Aphelion) actually published one of my stories (The House), even more brilliantly another agreed to publish one (The Mine) in a magazine people pay to read.

On the other hand it was quite trying as the house slowly revealed disaster after disaster.

2008? Well it’s shaping up pretty good so far:

The Mine will be published sometime this month in Jupiter SF (you can subscribe – I encourage you to do so – or you can purchase single issues from the website). Naturally I’ll let you know when it’s out.

In March I’ll be at the Orbital Eastercon along with many of the other Friday Flash Fictioneers for a Flash Fiction workshop. Whilst milling around the con I will no doubt embarrass myself again in front of another person called Neil.

In June(ish) I’m off to New Zealand to see some old friends I haven’t seen in an age although in reality it’s only been a little over a year. Oh and I’ll become an uncle for the first time, go team Beynon.

I’m certain, given I’m writing right now, that there’ll be plenty more fiction from me this year, hopefully more in print.

Beyond that it’s all adventure…and most likely, because it’s me, some slapstick.

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Father of two (but you can only see one), writer, digital boffin, reader, geek and probably some other stuff. Trapped behind a keyboard or chasing around after a 2 year old, somewhere in Wales.

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2 thoughts on “New Year, New Challenges, Same Dodgy Haircut

  • Cliff Burns

    You’re writing and selling (and being paid for it!) fiction so that puts you in a small minority of writers out there. Your post will undoubtedly earn a few envious glances, especially from those people who know they’d be good writers too…if they only had the time and energy or _____________ (whatever). Just keep putting one word ahead of the other and get better with each new tale. Make sure you shmooze with editors at the convention, right now with the towering slush piles and every creative writing class on the continent dumping more and more “authors” on the world, it’s personal relationships that open the door for you and give your fiction a chance of receiving fair consideration. Trust me as one who should know…

  • Neil

    Thanks Cliff. My schmoozing is set to eleven.

    I’m not, alas, making money just yet, just gratis copies. Although I do have four stories winging their way out into the marketplace this month, fingers crossed…