China Miéville

Top Ten Books 2008

This is the time of year where I go a bit list crazy. This time up it’s the return of the infamous Books What I Read in…, last year we stopped at five but this year I’ve done ten as my reading levels have been a little higher and I […]

Review: Unlundun By China Miéville 4

I’m generally speaking not a big fan of writers utilising successful, well-established, ideas and conceits as their central Big Idea for novels. On the face of it, that’s what Unlundun is: China’s version of Neverwhere. Albeit aimed at a younger audience. And a cursory flick through the book reveals a […]

Eastercon: China, Neil and Charlie oh my… 2

So over at Nostalgia for the Future, Justin has an excellent write up of Eastercon and nicely distills China’s keynote. China was a bit of a revelation. A fascinatingly literate and erudite speaker; I spent a lot of the weekend coming out of his panels with a list of words […]