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Embarrassing myself in the cause of romance

Err, I’ve steered clear of posting poetry because I don’t write it very often anymore and the majority of my stuff is from my teens, consequently embarrassing. However, today is Valentine’s Day, I’ve always quite liked this one and at one point – during university – it lived online anyway.

So it’s 1997. I’m eighteen, G is seventeen, we’ve been together for about a year and university is looming. Probably going to regret this…

Poem for G
By Neil Beynon

When I am away in body
Let my spirit warm you
Let my essence hold you
Let my love caress you

When I am away in body
Know I am not gone
When I am away in body
Know my love travels with you

Eleven years later we’re still together, go figure. Now if anyone wants me I’ll be thinking a plausible excuse for posting this to any colleagues reading it.

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