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Rush hour innit

NB – How come both ticket machines aren’t working?

SER* – Rush hour innit. 600 stations all trying to access the system at the same time. Stands to reason: system overload.

NB – So you’re saying that the system can’t handle ticket purchases during rush hour in a city where the only feasible way of getting around quickly is by rail?

SER – Yeah. Dunno why everyone has to purchase their tickets all at the same time – what do they expect?

NB – Tickets are a bit pricey.

SER – Got to pay for service improvements.

NB – Like ticket machines that work?

SER – Funny. No, more engineering works.

NB – So the line will be down at weekends again?

SER – Yeah but you’ll still be able to travel during rush hour.

NB – Just not purchase tickets.

SER – Do you want a ticket or not?

NB – No, I think I’ll find another way.


And I think I will. Oh yes the fatman will ride again. Be afraid.

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