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A great journey or a cul-de-sac…?

*waves at new visitors* Howdy, nice to see you here. Sorry you’ve wandered up a cul-de-sac because this site isn’t really about what you were looking for. Still, please do have a look round.

Just a quick note: the posts currently bringing some of you in here were lighthearted jokes at my expense not the very watchable Alice. Indeed, G generally finds it quite funny that I go a bit wibbly when a certain flame-haired doctor comes on the screen, then I tease her about Neil Oliver and so the circle is complete. I am perfectly aware that Alice is a very clever person with oodles of qualifications and a bloody good presenter.

WordPress SEO: a blessing and a curse.

Anyway, for the rest of you confused as to what the hell I’m talking about you should check out the really rather good Incredible Human Journey on BBC 2 tonight at 9.30, it charts human migration from Africa through genetics, geology, climate modelling and archaeology. It’s enthralling stuff even if it does suffer from that noughties’ TV trick of recapping a little too often.

Also, want lots of web traffic: do some telly. Sad but true, judging from the amount of traffic coming off Dr Alice Roberts’ name.

Oops. See what I did. 😉

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