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I’m quite relieved it’s Wednesday. Not just because that means Eastercon is just around the corner but because I am now off work until next Wednesday. I need a rest. And that is the plan even allowing for our jaunt to Bradford.

Speaking of which, it’s the first time I’ve been back into the city (I skirted the edge of it last year on my way to Lumb Bank) in about six years. I’m told lots has changed, including – distressingly – my favourite take away restaurant which has now gone and if someone tells me the bookshops gone I may need to lie down. As you can see I haven’t changed that much: my memories always circulated around food and books. I’m hoping the weather will hold but, knowing the city as I do, I’m not expecting it to.

I will hopefully get a chance to do some clean up around here and so you may notice some changes. Then again I may forget. That’s just the way I roll: you never know. It should also afford some time for some more interesting posts. It may mean you also get random pictures of me outside buildings that are of no interest to anyone but me.

For now I must pack.

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