I welcome and encourage feedback or more general discussion of the flash fiction on my site but just to be clear I don’t publish other writer’s fiction here, either as submissions or in the comment thread. Clearly I’m flattered if people feel it’s somewhere they want to appear but I have no desire to be run an e-zine as I have very little time given my day job, commute and own writing.

If you want to participate in Friday Flash Fiction please post it on your own site/blog and feel free to shamelessly interlink/comment with other fictioneers. Most current participants generally call by new participant’s sites and I try to leave reciprocal feedback where I can (I don’t pretend to be an expert either). On the other hand, if you want to submit to actual markets you should check out Duotrope‘s or Ralan’s, both excellent resources for short fiction writers researching markets.

Anyway, I hope that’s clear without putting any noses out of joint. As I say I’m flattered but this isn’t a short fiction market, it’s my personal blog.

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