It’s been a while since I recapped. For the uninitiated…

I’m Neil Beynon, a Welsh born writer working in English and primarily – but not exclusively – across the fantasy, horror and science fiction genres. My work has appeared in Murky Depths, Dark Fiction and Ballista amongst others.

I blog on a range of subjects including writing, things I’ve read, things I’ve watched, stuff that’s going on with me and the joys of London life, amongst other things. I’m also on twitter under the imaginitive handle @neilbeynon and facebook under the wild moniker neilbeynon.

In order to keep body and soul together on my road to more regular publication I work in digital marketing for a FTSE 100 publishing company in one of their pure play digital divisions. While I don’t blog about my dayjob I do discuss the wider topic of digital marketing, from time to time, and in relation to authors and artists.

I hope you enjoy the content already here and stick around for the ride.

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