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Merry Madness

Ah, the first day of my holiday. The sun is shining, the sky is blue and minus three outside. All I really, really want to do is curl up on the sofa with a good book and a bucket of tea.

What I’m actually going to do is go to Bluewater to finish my Christmas shopping, this is a foolish thing to do this close to Christmas, I may not make it. They’ll just find a pair of Nike and my smoking credit card…

Every year I tell myself I’ll do it online. I work online, I spend vast amounts of time online. Do I every manage it? Do I buggery! If I’m lucky I’ll buy a couple of presents at the start of the month but more likely not. I’ll be there on Christmas Eve performing a shopper’s version of dodgems as I skit from store to store.

And I really can’t string this out any longer. I’ve got to go.

*sniffs* It’s a far better thing I do…

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