Purveyor of Tall Tales.
Purveyor of Tall Tales.

Holiday Reading ’09

It’s been quiet because I’ve been on holiday and the Internet connection I thought the hotel had was knackered. I don’t think it did me any harm. There won’t be any travelogue style blogs after this trip because it was largely about having a rest and so I rarely went further than the pool or the gym.

For me that means reading. I got through these books:

Why does E=MC²? By Brian Cox & Jeff Forsham
The Reader By Bernhard Schlink and translated by Carol Brown Janeway
Outliers By Malcolm Gladwell
The Call of Cthulhu and Other Weird Tales by H.P.Lovecraft (Ed. S.T.Joshi)
Public Enemies by Bryan Burrough

And I’m currently chowing down on Yellow Blue Tibia by Adam Roberts.

Reviews will percolate out over the next week or so.

What’s your summer reading?

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