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Merry Christmas


It’s Christmas morning here in the UK. At least for the next twenty minutes or so.

I’ve already had a glass of champagne and, by way of warm up for eating my own body weight in turkey, smoked salmon and scrambled egg on toast. Oh yes, we do Christmas in style here.

My presents have gone down well. I’m pleased about this as I’d been a lot more organised this year and one or two presents were a gamble as to whether someone else had bought them or not.

I’ve had a remarkably good haul this year; people have been very generous and very thoughtful. Somewhere along the way people got the idea I’m a Neil Gaiman fan, I can’t imagine where 🙂 Thanks to some masterful co-ordination of my family by G I now have a much larger Sandman collection than I had before.

The great thing is my youngest sister has become a huge Gaiman fan in recent months also getting a substantial amount of the Gaiman back catalogue and I get to play the cool older brother who recommends good stuff. There’s not much opportunity for that anymore now all my siblings are pretty much grown up.

Anyway, I’m being antisocial now and really the point of this entry is just to wish all my readers a very Merry [insert festival name here]/Christmas.

And remember a turkey isn’t just for Christmas, there’s Boxing Day too. (Best I could do at this time of day.)

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