Purveyor of Tall Tales.

About that thing…

Just to let you know I haven’t forgotten about podcasting and indeed have chapter 1 sat, recorded, on my laptop.

I have two main issues:

1. The quality of the recording (audio wise) isn’t as high as I’d hoped.

2. Hosting the damned thing somewhere where it can cope with a modest number of downloads.

I anticipate this being resolved soon. Bear with me.

In other news: the charity donation page will be for MIND and will run for the entire life of the podcast while I’m out.

Wordcount wise I’m up around 12,000 and way behind. To be back on track I need to do about 13k in 3 days: however, it is the weekend and I do have the next several chapters outlined. All I need now is to get on with it.

Which is where I am going now.

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