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Water Water All About…

When we last left our intrepid blogger he was running around like a 1960s sitcom character yelling “Don’t Panic” as water poured through the Kitchen ceiling.

Sigh. Things did not get much better.

E, my sister not the drug, was treated to four brain-dead morons breaking into her car on her return from Liverpool and so down to her neck of the woods (otherside of London) I did go, it’s still Sunday. And G’s lovely if temperamental cat Tipsy is quite poorly at the moment, we discovered this on – you guessed it – Sunday night.

I have had better Sundays. To be fair I’ve also had worse.

Anyway today was spent on the phone to various organisations dedicated to Wasting My Time Instead of Sorting Out The Bloody Problem. The upshot being the insurance people will not send an assessor out until next Thursday and will not pay for the plumbing aspect of the job only the structural damage.

I had bizarre slightly circular conversation with one lady about how no I hadn’t fixed the shower leak because the floorboards underneath had been essentially destroyed by water damage subsequently the shower needed replacing and I couldn’t do that until they had assessed the damage.

I was also taught a valuable lesson about where to look when a plumber is working, not at him, his hairy arse will be on display.

On the plus side I read an excellent John Wyndham story “The Midwich Cuckoos” in the three hours it took the plumber to arrive. I thoroughly recommend it as the best horror, and it is horror not sci fi, I’ve read in years.

I’m also going to see the folks this weekend so I will be getting a break from the house for a few days.

Oh and I’m planning on introducing some additional features to the blog in the next few weeks, check back later in the week for more on that.

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