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Never-day Echo

Never-day Echo By Neil Beynon Words hide in the witching hour. Rainbows sleep, Stars gone far away. Footsteps echo on empty streets To locked gates of a never-day. Trains roar against the dawn As the jukebox plays 3AM. The glass is full of yellow-brick road. The bone moon hides its […]

Embarrassing myself in the cause of romance

Err, I’ve steered clear of posting poetry because I don’t write it very often anymore and the majority of my stuff is from my teens, consequently embarrassing. However, today is Valentine’s Day, I’ve always quite liked this one and at one point – during university – it lived online anyway. […]

I am writer, hear me roar

Mister Peace, one of the earliest friends of this blog, has passed me a meme-disseminated award: A Roar for Powerful Words. The award was created by The Shameless Lions Writing Circle to spread awareness of good and powerful writing on the Internet. Thanks Mister Peace, for your positive feedback on […]