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I am writer, hear me roar

Mister Peace, one of the earliest friends of this blog, has passed me a meme-disseminated award: A Roar for Powerful Words. The award was created by The Shameless Lions Writing Circle to spread awareness of good and powerful writing on the Internet. Thanks Mister Peace, for your positive feedback on […]

More Top Fives: Short Stories

I’m back in London. I spent most of yesterday driving, we took the opportunity to call in with some friends on the way back and we were not helped by proper Welsh rain. Now I’m quite enjoying flumping on my own sofa and not doing anything. Ergo there are no […]


I have taken the plunge and decided I shall go to Orbital 2008 (the 2008 Eastercon). Having missed out on more than a passing glimpse of Neil Gaiman at Hay-on-Wye this year (and at Forbidden Planet) I thought I would try to be more organised. Of course the last time […]

In which I annoy people of note and fame…

Just got back from Hay-on-Wye having decided with S – at two in the morning whilst she was drunk and I was suffering from sleep deprivation – it didn’t matter that we had missed out on tickets. If Neil G was going to be there then we were going to. […]