Orbital 2008

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Eastercon: China, Neil and Charlie oh my…

So over at Nostalgia for the Future, Justin has an excellent write up of Eastercon and nicely distills China’s keynote. China was a bit of a revelation. A fascinatingly literate and erudite speaker; I spent a lot of the weekend coming out of his panels with a list of words […]

Quick Update: 88 MPH and rising

Yes, things are getting a little frantic. I’ve spent the weekend working on existing stories – including but not exclusively the Woodsman – and performing DIY. Both exercises have had varying degrees of success, leaving me questioning where the hell the weekend went. But there’s no time for questions. Onwards […]

Flashing at The Eastercon

No, not that kind – your eyes are safe. As has already been reported over at Gareth D. Jones‘s and Martin McGrath‘s respective blogs the Friday Flash Fictioneers will be holding a Flash Fiction workshop at Eastercon. Not withstanding any changes in the program the workshop will be held at […]

New Year, New Challenges, Same Dodgy Haircut

Well it’s now 2008. 2007 was a funny year. I got to travel to new places (Paris, Washington, Hong Kong, Hamburg). I got to be embarrassing in front of one of my favourite writers…several times. I spent the first year in my own house (kind of – I think technically […]


I have taken the plunge and decided I shall go to Orbital 2008 (the 2008 Eastercon). Having missed out on more than a passing glimpse of Neil Gaiman at Hay-on-Wye this year (and at Forbidden Planet) I thought I would try to be more organised. Of course the last time […]