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Never-day Echo

Never-day Echo By Neil Beynon Words hide in the witching hour. Rainbows sleep, Stars gone far away. Footsteps echo on empty streets To locked gates of a never-day. Trains roar against the dawn As the jukebox plays 3AM. The glass is full of yellow-brick road. The bone moon hides its […]

Sunset in Cornwall

The Run

I did it again. Sorry. This is an attempt at a form from my native Wales called Englyn penfyr, one of the eight forms of the Englyn.* Here it is [This version actually breaks a rule, though I still like it, a corrected form follows in the second half of […]

Not There

I committed poetry. I apologise. Not There by Neil Beynon Petals fall as rain— bronzed leaf, surfing the gust’s dance. Seed soft under foot. Jack’s spider spins long— daffodil dreams quicken the dark. A web grown too wide. Sky spills light at lost gold— clouds weep. A dance not begun, […]

Embarrassing myself in the cause of romance

Err, I’ve steered clear of posting poetry because I don’t write it very often anymore and the majority of my stuff is from my teens, consequently embarrassing. However, today is Valentine’s Day, I’ve always quite liked this one and at one point – during university – it lived online anyway. […]