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A cunning plan…?

Jason from Halloween offering to hold your hand in A & E

Apparently the government, or more specifically Jacqui Smith, believes that showing people who are caught with knives what happens to knife victims will help lower knife crime.

I love thinking like that: taking a terrified; badly injured victim still undergoing treatment and shove them in front of someone about whom they know nothing except that they carry the same weapon that injured them.

It’s a terribly clever idea. Think about it:

A & E waiting times will be reduced as people generally don’t want to be within thirty feet of a hoodie.

Stab victims will be in a hurry to get out before the show and tell begins, ergo more beds.

Afraid of going to hospital, for the fear of seeing knife wielding psychos, stab victims will stay away and bleed over their own home instead of A & E thus reducing cleaning costs.

This is the kind of thinking that made Britain great. Good job Jacqui.

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