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I returned to the office today and, aside from feeling shell shocked, I was slightly perturbed to find most of the men in my team looked like rejects from Boogie Nights. No, they weren’t undressed. The reason of course is that it is Movember and they’re all sporting nose-mats. It’s all in a good cause but still: there were more police around today and I can’t help thinking it’s with good reason. 🙂

Anyway, acting as official cheerleader for the lads efforts is fellow blogger and colleague: Abbi. In a fit of rash foolishness Abbi has agreed to don a fake Mo for the whole of the 27th November if she can raise £100 towards the collective Movember pot, so far her and the boys are on £45. I dare say there will be pictures posted over on Where The Wild Things Are. In the interests of my amusement a good cause, if you can spare a few bob then please do so.

Who knows, if the donations get high enough perhaps I will demonstrate why I shall never wear a moustache right here on the blog… For now I leave you with the impressive lip-thatches of my team (photos courtesy of Abbi):

Lawrence - week 4

Oli - Week 4

Phil - week 4

Rich - week 4

Rob - week 4

Tom - week 4

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