So I read this. And the reaction of some people to the New Yorker piece…is just…irritating.

Clearly I am not impartial. However, some points I feel relevant on this:

a) Neil G may not have said it and apologised.

b) Even if he did say it, the comment has clearly been taken out of context.

c) Tempting as it is to apply binary definitions to the meaning of words, the English language can, and does, allow for a range of interpretations, particularly when it comes to turns of phrase. It’s one of the fun and wonderful things about language. Context is important and interpretation does vary.

d) An ability to write well, or successfully, does not mean an ability to churn out perfect prose, on tap, live and without slip ups. All of the time. Human beingsĀ  make mistakes.

e) There are many, many, real world examples of legitimately misogynistic behaviour from people (including, and rather frequently, US and UK politicians) that do actually deserve public verbal lashings. Picking on someone for a possible and mild slip up who does not hold misogynistic views isn’t just unkind but lessens your argument against actual opponents of your view.

Lastly, do you really think he’d get away with being misogynistic with Amanda around?

Give the guy a break.