Time spinner

I really need to get me one.

So the cycling experiment isn’t going so well. I can, it turns out, do the distance without having a heart attack and, most of the time, it is enjoyable. However, it’s not really saving me any money as I seem to be wearing out parts on my bike and most of my old gear has fallen apart. On the time front: it is saving me a bit but only about fifteen minutes each way. Crucially, any more than three days in a row leaves me like a zombie come nine pm and that’s just no good at all.


Still it has reminded me how much I missed cycling and so I think it unlikely I’d go back to not cycling at all, it’s just going to have to be every other day or something like that. We’re on to plan B pretty soon. That being to start running part of the route home before hoping on the train, cruel on the other commuters but it’s the only way I can shoe-horn in the time to get the regular exercise I really need.

On the writing front I am currently focussing on the final tweaks to The Scarred God, reasoning that once this is done I have at least one manuscript I can tout around at cons while I finish the larger task of whipping Forever into something approaching a usable draft. I have set myself a stupid deadline and hoarded my leave so that I can fall off the world for a bit to hit it if need be. Yes: you could say my focus has returned.

Time, never enough of it. This weekend we have a Friday night with friends followed by a weekend of destruction as we rip out the final remains of our old kitchen in time for the arrival of our rather gifted sparky and the bank holiday weekend install. It’s going to be messy, it’s going to be hard, hopefully we’ll laugh and I’m fairly certain beer will be drunk. I shall document the chaos and post any suitably amusing shots on here. Note to self: avoid storing essential plumbing items in bath. Oh and I really should finish that Watchmen review even if it is hopelessly late and redundant.

And after that I intend to have a rest.

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