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My Bristolcon 2016 Schedule

798569_0_bristolcon_400Both G and I will be attending and participating in Bristolcon this year. Please do say hello.

I will be appearing on this panel:

Writing through the storm at 3pm in Programme Room 2, the description from the programme:

Writing fiction can provide emotional catharsis and writers often draw on challenging life events in their work. How does writing support you through challenging life events and how do such events enrich or distract from people’s writing? How has reading fiction helped our panel to navigate through life’s dark places?

With: Kate Turner (KS Turner) (M), Danie Ware, Stephanie Burgis, Gareth L. Powell, Neil Beynon

I will be reading directly afterwards in the same room. Given the subject of the panel, it is likely that I will read Dragonstar, my own small piece of art against the storm from 2013. Its the only magic I know. Some of its sequels can be found on the blog. I perform this story in public vary rarely.

G will be in the art show showing a selection of her work, including material from her Bristol inspired work-in-progress series “Urban Faeries”.

The full Bristolcon 2016 programme can be found here.

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