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The year that was…

2011 is done. Shit. Insert sands of time cliche here.

There are lots of reason to dislike 2011: financial meltdowns that roll on and on, riots, large swathes of the world still embroiled in conflict, large swathes of the population still living in abject poverty that we seem increasingly too self-involved to do anything about. Ho hum. I mention these in passing to remind myself that, really, the low points I experienced weren’t anything really.

Pass the whisky.

Writing wise…2011 was a bit of a mixed bag for me…

– I recovered my spine and moderated my first panels at Eastercon.
– I wrote a new book (technically I rewrote an old idea but it was from scratch so it counts. It does to. Shut up.).
– I revised said book (and learned the perils of Not Planning Enough).
– I read a bunch of awesome books.
– I met new people.
– I renewed acquaintances (and made a fool of myself in front of someone I admire a lot but…well…that’s a running theme on this here blog, besides, the author in question has been good enough to keep talking to me).


– I didn’t submit enough.
– I didn’t read enough.
– I didn’t play to my strengths.
– Stuff got in the way, which is not an excuse but something to overcome moving forward.

Of course, none of that really matters to me because I got married this year and it was fantastic. That’s what I’ll actually remember*. 🙂

I hope 2011 was equally memorable, in a good way, for all of you. May 2012 rock for all of us.

* Self indulgent but true.

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