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Where I writeThings went quiet.

I try to take some time to recharge at the end of a long draft. If I write anything during that time, it’s usually short stuff as an exercise rather than with any intention of trying to publish. This time round I had an altogether different project in mind. Long term readers will know I have been slowly renovating my house over what has felt like a glacial timescale. When we first moved in, and after our disastrous first twelve months, G kindly painted over the pink and yellow motif that decorated the study* but as we had rewired, plumbed in central heating and had the existing carpet disintegrate under foot, this was very much a temporary measure. As we moved through room after room we never did get back to it. There always seemed to be just one more thing to do. Until this month.

My reward for finishing the draft was that I would finish the study.

In between a trip back to Wales, and work, we have been working on sorting it out. This weekend I finished laying the floor and now the furniture has gone back in, enabling me to write this at my desk. The really funny thing is as soon as I sat at my desk, for the first time in a week or so, I wanted to write. Psychosomatic or just psycho? 🙂 You decide.

I’m just delighted to have my space back.

* The previous owner had used the room as a child’s bedroom.

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