As I stare around the detritus in here, I wonder that it’s been allowed to get this bad:

Honestly, there’s dust over everything, half moth-eaten flash fiction in the doorway, bad satire clogging up the pipes and the electrics are fluttering like the wiring in my creaky old house were when we first moved in. Someone hasn’t been taking care of things…

Oh. That would be me.

No excuses: I’ve been rubbish.

No apologies: I’m back.

Those of you who are still listening: hello, long time no see…

Those of you wandering across here for the first time: hello, I’m Neil, I write stuff and occasionally it gets published. This is where I talk about that and the bits in between which, I believe, are known collectively as Life.

And yes: that probably means I haven’t had one for a while.

Still: I’m sure all this machinery still works…

*blows off layer of dust*


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