Some stats for 2010 in which I:

1. Read about 57 books. (Reasonable. This is exactly the same as the year before.)

2. Wrote about 123,000 words. (This is not as good as it should be. And way down on the previous year. Fudge.)

3. Submitted an embarrassingly low number of times but not zero. I still need to get into at least double figures this year or admit I’m a hobbyist.

4. Blogged around 70 times, and a far more respectable number than I had any right to respect. On the other hand, if I took away the number of videos posted I suspect this would be low. I need to be more consistent and useful here.

5. Published twice. One story from a previous year and one from the current year’s writing.

Overall grade: D +. A worrying dip mid-year but a strong rally in the last part of the year. Must and WILL do better next year.