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State of the writer

This will be brief.

I am in the final stages of the draft of my current work-in-progress. In fact, I just finished writing the final set piece and now only have the dénouement left to write, with a following wind this should be finished in the next few days but as you can see I’m over on word count. At this stage I have no idea whether this draft has any merit, is better than the aborted previous draft, or anything. I just want to finish it.

Plans after that. The manuscript goes in a digital drawer for 2-3 weeks while I write some short stories in a completely different setting. Once I have some distance from that manuscript I will go in and do my second draft consisting of: read through, structural edit, character edit, line edit and final read through. My test readers then get a look. I try to go as fast as possible on editing or it becomes death by a thousand cuts.

Now: dénouement. See you later.

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