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State of the Writer: Our protagonist returns…

Let’s see…

When last seen, I was head down for a Certain Deadline and this led to the inevitable radio silence that was May. I sneezed and June had zipped on by. While I was wiping my nose, half of July wandered out the door.

So it goes…

For the dedicated few who have stuck around: I hit the deadline I was aiming for, submitted The Scarred God and have resumed work on All That Glitters – albeit at a more relaxed pace. It’s slow going but forwards and that’s what counts.

I took some time off in May and June was a bit crazy with family and stuff.

The current plan is to finish the first draft of the next novel and plough straight into the final draft of Forever. Thankfully, the next month or so is a bit more quiet for me and so, ideally, I’d like to be working on Forever by the time the autumn convention season starts. We’ll see.

How are things with you?

Mood: optimistic.

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