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State of the Writer: Planning

Let’s see: a writing update. When last seen I had just completed the 2nd draft of Forever.

I’m in the process of doing a short tidy pass before handing the manuscript to my first couple of test readers. This should only take a couple of days (cold not withstanding).

While the draft is out being knocked around by readers I plan to write draft zero of my next novel. I’ve been making idle notes on this one for a while, they’ve accreted into the start of a world building document and the threads of a basic plot. I’m hoping to have started this in earnest next weekend.

I’m pretty much focusing my efforts at novel length now as most of my ideas seem to be occurring at that length, the learning curve is a bit steeper, and I have quite a few half baked short stories on my hard drive that need revising. I plan to do something with these in the spaces between drafts before I start any new ones.

Mood: cautiously optimistic.

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