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State of the Writer: Early bird…

A short one this week as I’ve been away seeing family for the weekend.

This week went much better on the writing front. The main change I’ve made is getting up a shade earlier again to give me enough time to write a few more words and not feel like I’m constantly on the back foot. It does mean I’m wiped out a bit earlier than before but my word count on All That Glitters is creeping up at a more reliable rate that means I have a chance of finishing the draft in a reasonable time frame.

On the revision front I’ve been looking at the viability of knocking The Scarred God into submission shape for the Angry Robot open submission period. It needs a bit of work before I’m happy submitting. First step is to work out how many adjustments are needed and any work will have to be done concurrent with the other book. They are substantially different and so really it’s only available time that’s the issue.

Mood: cautiously optimistic.

More next week…

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