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State of the writer: Frustrated

You have good weeks and bad weeks. That’s just the way it goes sometimes.

Last week was a bad week. My schedule got messed up, I wound up writing at awkward times of the day and with large gaps between sessions and I didn’t get as much done as I would have liked. Those are the breaks. Still: forward momentum was maintained even if it did feel like wading through syrup.

On the short story front, I intended to get at least one more of my pieces out there but I’m struggling to find markets for an eight thousand word story of the kind I have on my hard drive that pays. There just doesn’t seem to be much about at the moment. I’ll need to noodle on this some more over the next week.

This week is all about the novel. I’d like to complete the first act, give it a light polish and a small test read to make sure it’s working before I plunge on. We’ll see. In related news, Forever has test read well and so I believe the next draft is likely to be more of an editing pass than a heavy rewrite. This makes me happy.

My present mood is determined to make some actual forward progress.


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