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State of the writer: New Projects

I’ve spent most of the last fortnight working on the planning, outline and characters for the next novel length project I want to tackle.

As I’ve mentioned, this isn’t my default way of working but I want to see if it produces a cleaner first draft and, to be honest, this project is by far my most ambitious to date. There’s no way it will work without a fairly detailed plan. I want to do something that is a bit more light-hearted than my previous two projects, full of stuff  I like and that stretches me by going further away from my comfort zone.

There are three genres  all entwined in this next project: mystery, comedy and high fantasy, all wrapped up in a modern day city setting. It’s about the grinding inevitability of the world, the power of choice and the corrupting influence of power. There’s some science versus belief sprinkled on top. More than one murder. And hopefully some laughs.

Yes. I said it was ambitious.

I start composition next weekend. Lots to do still before then. Wish me luck.

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