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That Friday feeling

Ah, it’s Friday.

My writing routine did survive the first week back in work, a test not to be underestimated, and the book is now entering that rather fabulous stage where the words come fast as it builds to the final big set piece. Indeed, so well timed is it with the weekend I may press on and try to finish the draft this weekend. It’s all about balance though: too much writing and not enough living gets done to fuel the words.

In the real world, the big set piece of the year is, of course, The Wedding. Planning is going well, we had the first wave of proper administravia today and I think we’re both glad to have it out of the way. I’m also looking to sort my study out properly once the current draft of my work-in-progress is completed, it’s the last room really to redecorate (G kindly did a fast repaint a while back as a stopgap) and I’m keen to make better use of the space. Today, however, I have a day off and so I must away to writing of fiction, reading and later: cinema.

Have fun whatever you are doing.

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