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Eastercon: Mid Point

Well, I’m about half way through my first con and I’ve realised there’s just not the  scope for live blogging although twitter is worryingly addictive, as keeping an eye on the sidebar will reveal.

Friday was pretty laid back. The panels were good but I only really got a lot out of one of the three as I’d read most of what was covered in the others online but it was a nice gentle ice breaker. And I got to hold a copy of Illuminations for the first time.

Yesterday was fairly intense as there was stuff on from ten until two that I wanted to watch including some stuff on mythology that was cool and some stuff on London that I kind of knew but was just fascinating because the speakers were so good.

And then there was China. China’s keynote was just awesome. I didn’t agree with him entirely but his eloquence and passion for debate as well as his formidable smarts made for a very compelling session.

So after China made my head hurt, in a good way. There was the Flash Fiction workshop. [Pictures to follow at some point.] This was the only panel/session that I’m on and I confess I was bricking it worried that either no one would turn up – we were up against a popular lecture and the signing – but we did have attendees.

And it was fun. Everyone had a go, we filled the time and we even sold some copies of the book, proceeds of which go to the NSPCC – you can buy one here.

Then something strange happened. I hit the wall. I’d been quite tired since Thursday night when we got stuck on the M25 for three hours and I think the sleepiness must have accumulated like strata until I fell asleep in my room last night, having laid down for “just a moment”. Anyway, I feel human now.

Now to get some writing done before the day starts proper.

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