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Tonight’s post was to be a round up of Eastercon.

Of how I got to see fantastic Guest of honour spots from Neil Gaiman, China Miéville and Charles Stross. I’d planned to say some stuff about how big the con was, how interesting many of the panels were including some great stuff from Cory Doctorow, Patrick Nielsen Hayden, John Jarrold, Liz Williams and Nic Clarke.

Most importantly I’d planned to say how cool it was to meet many of the other Flash Fictioneers (Paul Raven, Shaun Green, Justin Pickard, Gareth L Powell, Gareth D. Jones and Martin McGrath) and spend some time with them. Of how fantastic our anthology looks, that actual people who didn’t know us shelled out money for it (remember it’s for charity and you can buy it here).

In short how I had a great time.

Unfortunately, I had a small mishap on the way home. It’s actually quite funny. In a painful kind of way. Right now it’s a bit too painful. But I’m sure it’ll migrate onto the blog in the next few days. Right now I need painkillers.

See ya.

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