And this blogger is really quite tired.

The blog-post-a-day-for-a-month experiment is rolling to an end today and it’s been fun but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t running out of steam. Tomorrow, when I’m not retrieving my niece from climbing the furniture, I’ll post what I learned during the strange topsy, turvy month that was January but I’m taking it easy today.

I posted the trailer Neil G considers his favourite but I’ll be honest the one that follows is my favourite. I used to think Neil G was joking when he said he had a library in his house and then I realised, after watching this, that he did in fact have a library in his house. Puts my four and a bit bookcases into perspective.


Coraline opens in the UK on the 8th May and is out in the US at the end of next week. Original material and the director means it’s suitable for anyone who can cope with A Nightmare Before Christmas. I’m aware that many of the people swinging by here will have seen this already, this is aimed at the others and a way for me to find it easily again.

Now I’m going to laugh at Google’s FAIL moment. Yes: I am aware this doesn’t display me in a mature light.

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