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Doctor Doctor!

So I’m having some trouble with my eye and that’s making it a bit difficult to spend time on the computer blogging. However, I did come across this on my travels:

It’s from 1985 and Children in Need (of course happening this Friday in the UK). And then I came across this:

Part one

Part two

And it made me kind of sad because of course the reason Patrick isn’t in that one is because he died (in 1987) and Jon looks really old (he passed away three years after it was recorded). Also, with quality drama like this it’s hard to see why it spend years on hiatus. *coughs*

Of course, soon we’ll have a new Doctor and speculation is rife as to who that might be…

Ah, classic eighties satire complete with obligatory Thatcher/union gag. Curious to see what (or indeed if) they come up with this year, of course it’ll be hard to top this (aimed squarely at my generation of fanboy):

http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=-UWeF-O2gQw Edit: this video appears to have gone dead. I will fix if it reappears.

The Doctor is always the person who played him at the age when the sets and dodgy monsters didn’t matter to you.

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