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Quick Update

Hope everyone’s ok.

It’s back to Wales for me this weekend, a brief trip to see family and also try to make a dent in the redraft of Priest (I also need to give it a better title). I won’t lie: I’m very frustrated that I’m not getting more done. I think I’ll need to look at how I’m structuring my working days again – at present my commute is taking much larger chunks out of my day than it should.

I also finished reading the first draft of my other novel This Hard Land to G and got a fairly good reception, obviously she is biased but it’s generally a good sign when the audience are asking you to read more.

Oh and I did hit my self imposed target of writing a new short story in January, it’s gestating in a draw ready for revision in a week or so.

My Friday Flash will be up later but in the meantime, if you just need some free fiction now dammit, I posted a short story Wide Open Space earlier this week.

Feel free to check it out. Now I have to go earn my crust.

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