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No flash this week.

Actually, no anything this week. I am unspeakably lame.

I’ve been pretty much snowed under with work and not much energy left to do anything other than my minimum word count. Subsequently on the writing front I’ve only just managed to finish the first draft of Ice and Forever is still languishing in a drawer.

Last weekend’s trip to Wales was a much looked for break from London and it was good to see my sister on her birthday. My niece, C, is growing fast and taking an active interest in her surroundings. Not sure she likes the facial fuzz – on me not her, just to be clear. However, after a series of weekends running around it is nice to have a weekend at home doing whatever I please.

Plenty to look forward to. If my cunning plan for the clearing of decks comes to fruition then I’ll be starting the second draft of Forever imminently and I appear to actually have a social life over the next few weeks. Oh and I’ll be at the Neil Gaiman talk in Clerkenwell in October, looking forward to that as I’ll be taking my sister who has not seen him speak in person. That’s the same one as partook in the Hay-on-Wye incident, I’m hoping we don’t get ejected. 🙂

That’s it for now. I promise to post more regular and more interesting content soon.

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