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Anyone of the small gathering of people following me on Twitter will know in I finally finished the rewrite of The Woodsman in the wee hours of this morning, having drunk entirely too much coffee and munched my way through the hula hoop drawer. (NB – If you don’t have a hula hoop drawer you need to get one.)

It took around about four hours and I usually steer clear of writing for such long stretches in the week as if I burn out then I just wind up writing turgid shit….well more turgid than normal. Anyway, once I got going it worked pretty well and I was pleased that I managed to salvage the bits I liked from the second draft. Most importantly there is no longer any weird C.S.Lewis channeling going on in the story.

Of course in terms of the project it’s not done yet. I’ve added around 17k in word count and rewritten around 70% of the text – ergo I will need to do a line edit to make sure everything hangs together and Vedic doesn’t go from a hefty warrior gone to seed to a midget with a sub machine gun. I’m exaggerating but you get the idea. Still: I should be all done by August.

And I sense I’m rambling – I’m pretty tired.

In other news my other project was delayed by some work stuff but is progressing – it’s another site; details to be confirmed once I have finished building the thing. I’m not going to post a date for live but I will post when it’s live. If you see what I mean.

Speaking of sites. I’m considering new features on this one and I was wondering if there were any requests to the type of content you’d like to see here? Personally I like to fly in the face of web convention and blather on about whatever I want but still I’m open to suggestions. Answers in the comments.

Taking my cue from the eminent Mr Raven over at Velcro City I am celebrating my milestone with a curry and it’s just arrived.* Byeeeee.

* I know it’s not Friday but still you get the idea…

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