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Fair warning


Decisions. They’re funny things. While I was back in Wales I kind of reached a decision, that being I really need to finish my story Priest for both my sanity and to put into the kind of state where it can be shown to people without embarrassment. After all I’ve spent a lot of time on it already.

I remain uncertain what will be done with it on completion. I may post it here. I may try my luck with some publishers. Or I may just run a couple of copies off for friends. Whatever. That’s ultimately not as important as being able to say I did it, I finished it. And I do need to know I can do that.

So I’m setting myself an eight week deadline – by the 30th March I aim to have finished the third and final draft (not including proofing) of Priest. And I’m posting about it here to encourage myself to actually hit the deadline. Feel free to mock me if I don’t hit it.

What does that mean for the blog? Sorry, I’m not disappearing – you don’t get off that easy. It basically means things are set to get a bit more writerly with lots of random posts along the lines of “Just met the Tream” and “Oh at Golgotha and something strange is going on”.

But that’s not entirely fair.

Really, if I’m going to gob off about my own crap then I really should give you some idea about the story, so, by way of explanation, here’s the blurb what I just wrote:

On the borderlands of the Kurah empire a clan woman, Anya, escapes from her tormentors. Fleeing, bleeding and badly used, into the forest where she crashes into the life of a reclusive woodsman, Vedic. Desperate for help she must persuade her reluctant saviour to help her save the people she left behind. But who is Vedic and what is he afraid of?

Deep in the forest the tream plot revenge on the gods of the grove for their recent transgressions against the king. Whilst in the clan city of Vikrain the aging Thain struggles to muster an army to meet the Kurah at the Barrens where, in shadow of the forest, once more the two nations must fight.

With humans, tream and gods on a collision course more is at stake than they realise as the horned god walks the forest once more. And the fate of the world rests in the hands of a scarred girl and a reluctant hero harbouring a terrible secret.

I will endeavor to lighten things up with CVTW assuming I’m not too busy. I also have some weekends away in that period including a possible viking festival, Amsterdam on business and, of course, Eastercon. I’m likely to do stupid things at all three and naturally I’ll share them here. Life in short doesn’t stop, after all no one pays me for making things up.

So basically I’m just turning the writing aspect of this blog up to eleven. Should be fun.

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