Flash Sunday

A lot of things can happen in a year: I’ve visited two new countries, been published three times, become an uncle for the first time, attended my first con and made some new friends. Some of that (the writing and friends part) has been because a year ago today I decided to post a piece of Flash Fiction, a story called Shadow.

F3 was, and indeed still is, an internet meme started by the SF writer Gareth L. Powell. The idea is simple: post a piece of flash fiction on your blog, on a Friday, for free and see what happens. Well, I’m not above a good meme and this struck me as one of the most interesting that I’d seen in a long old while – I joined in. In March of this year an anthology of Friday Flash Fiction (Illuminations) was brought out, collecting stories from GLP, Paul Graham Raven, Shaun C. Green, Martin McGrath, Justin Pickard, Dan Pawley, Gareth D Jones and myself.*

Having checked my archive I see that I have actually managed to post 53 pieces of Flash over 52 Fridays only missing one week entirely (although I may have been slightly late on a couple of occasions) and so addiction may be a better way of describing it.

As is customary for marking the one year milestone here are my favourites:

1. Cliché – 3/8/2007
2. Life is a wheel – 14/9/07
3. When I was bad – 28/9/07
4. Because – 30/11/2007
5. Clockwork Songs – 28/12/2007
6. Fragments – 01/02/2008
7. After The Rain – 08/02/2008
8. Faraway – 04/04/2008
9. Pixies – 11/04/2008
10. Descent – 27/06/2008

Of course ask me on another day and you’ll get another answer. Feel free to let me know what your picks are.

* F3 participants now includes more writers including Dr Ian Hocking, Sarah Ellender, Jay Lake, Clive Birnie, Greg O’Bryne, Phred Seranissima

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