Forever blurbing

As is customary when working on long projects here is the blurb for Forever:

In Japan a stranger emerges from a very long rest.

In Germany a plane crashes, a lone survivor emerges from the wreckage.

In London a bomb explodes killing many and creating an instant media hero out of Jonathan Newman.

His actions captured on videotape and at a loss to explain his survival, Jonathan finds himself thrust into the limelight – the poster boy for a city trying to find its response to terror. Followed by people he doesn’t know, haunted by the man he couldn’t save and a woman he saw die but who still draws breath, Jonathan tries to pull his life together. Yet he’s already too late, drawn deeper and deeper into a feud that goes back centuries and a war that has been going on forever…

Apologies for the pseudo dramatic voice over that keeps creeping into these things. Possibly something I need to work on. On the rather more dull, technical side: it’s an urban fantasy about -amongst other things – love, and most likely the first of at least two books possibly three depending on whether I can tie everything up in the second book.

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