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Friday Flash Fiction: Ground Cover

Not much time to chew the fat right now. No idea if it’s any good. Hope you like:

Ground Cover
By Neil Beynon

I had the dream again last night.

I watched from a window as the planes came in over the city, crow like shadows on the dusk sky.

In the dream I know what they’re here to do even before the bombs drop like snails towards the ground. I’m looking frantically for enough ground cover. All I need is six feet and an oxygen supply. That’s the theory. I’m not sure how I’m doing that and seeing the coming fire at the same time but I guess in dreams your omniscient.

You’re talking to me again and I haven’t been listening.

Outside the dusk is falling and my hand is still clutching the PDA casting a neon glow on my leg. The weight of the room seems to be pressing against me with the force of a thousand stars. I can see the road from the window, its rolling asphalt promising to wipe over the lost days.

I’m not sure how I’m doing it but my mind is shuffling possible solutions like a rolodex, replaying the dream and acknowledging I’m not listening to you all at once. I wonder if I have contracted some kind of neural worm. Whether I will be found a gibbering wreck.

I look around because all I need is six feet of ground cover, an oxygen supply and it’ll be alright.

I can hear planes in the distance.

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