Tinman: Classified


Subject: Tinman


RE our discussion yesterday regarding Tinman’s [CENSORED].

This morning, over our regular chess game, Tinman asked about death. Overnight he had made extensive studies of death but he still felt the need to discuss this with me although he understands that his knowledge now outstrips my own. In particular he wanted to know how far off being able to extend life via artificial brains was, although I understand no one appreciates that Tinman does in fact experience [CENSORED] this is a real consideration.

I do not know how he reacted to the information he was given, certainly I stressed that we would do him no harm but he seemed particularly concerned as to what would happen to me when I grew old. I am uncertain why this was the thrust of the conversation but I was able to beat him at chess for the first time in six months and so it would suggest he was diverting significant amounts of processing time to this.

Do you think there are any benefits to going public with this information? Particularly in the scientific community where we might engender further examination of the rights issue?

Let me know,