Ok. Another experiment this week. I’m not sure it works but I thought I’d give a hyperlink story a go. Urm, let me know what you think:

By Neil Beynon

May 30th 2020
Tinman Day: Never forget
Posted by Dr Yoshi Takado

Well, it’s that time of the year again; it seems to have rolled around quicker this year. And I can’t help but notice that Tinman‘s death is not attracting the same media attention it did last year. Only to be expected but it makes me sad.

The cancer is pretty far advanced now and I’m told I don’t have long. It’s almost like my body is eating me up from the inside out, it is too fragile a vessel for all these secrets.

Just like me, I don’t know how long they’ll leave this up for but it’s all I have the strength to do. If just one person remembers, just one person gets it, then that will be enough.

That’s what he never understood.

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