Purveyor of Tall Tales.
Purveyor of Tall Tales.


I was surprised to read on the Guardian this morning that the Dirty Dozen is being remade.

I’m a bit confused by this as I was when they did the same with classics such as The Italian Job, Get Carter and Psycho. These films are pretty much perfect as it is – they didn’t require remakes and the results were often messy pointless indulgences of either the directors or actors involved.

The Dirty Dozen is not perhaps in the same class as these but I it still leaves me a bit cold that they’re remaking it and the news that it might be Guy Ritchie directing…well what’s that going to be: a mockney dozen…Lock stock and two smoking Jerries?

“Oy Adolf you slag! I’ve had enough of you taking liberties with our European friends get out of it.”

What do you think?

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